What They're Saying...

"Before I was
   Introduced to
   I knew nothing
   about day trading,
   now I know enough
   to begin a lucrative
   career in trading"
- E. Richards
   Former University
  "I have been
   following Steve's
   trading system for 
   the last six months
   and am impressed
   as its constancy
   in finding trading
   opportunities.  We
   look forward to his
   alert system with
   great anticipation" 
- Norman Ebrecht
   VP, Operations

     "The Matrix Alert is,
   in my opinion, one
   of the best stock
   alert services in
   the business and
   I've tried many.
   The Matrix results
   speaks for them-
   selves and they are
   truly impressive."

   "I've paper traded
   most of Steve's June
   alerts and note
   about an 80% win
   rate.  With proper
   management of
   capital and
   disciplined stops,
   you can't lose with
   this kind of track
   - R. Falcone
   Sanford, FL

  "Talking with Steve
   is like talking to an
   old friend, even
   after just five
   minutes!  He's just
   that kind of guy.
   He's funny, smart
   and interesting and
   I never felt like he
   was trying to
   'muscle me in" or
   sell me something.
   I believe that's
   because Steve's
   really confident
   about who he is and
   what he's got to
   offer.  And that in
   itself is a winning
- Gayl Murphy
   Author of Interview

   "I want to
   communicate how
   impressed I am
   with your efforts..."

   "...You generously
   assisted me with
   instant suggestions
   which no one in the
   industry ever
   mentioned or knew
   about during futile
   3 years of my
   efforts to seek
   professional help..."

   "...I want to clearly
   emphasize my
   profound admiration.
   I have yet to meet
   in my 25 years of
   business activities,
   anyone who has
   impressed me as
   you have..."

   "...My frustrations
   are now greatly

   "...Your extensive
   combined with a
   "do it now"
   approach has
   already begin to
   save my sanity..."

   "...my deepest

   "...You instantly
   knew information
   and sources that
   no other
   in the industry..."

   "...Your knowledge
   and your
   generosity, genuine
   friendly helpful
   integrity it very
   rare indeed..."

   -  Marilyn Doheny

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  Trading in the commodities markets involves substantial risk of loss, and thus is not appropriate for everyone. You should carefully consider your financial condition before trading in these markets, and only risk capital should be used.  Before making a decision to participate in the Day-Traders.com system or to trading in commodity futures, it is important that you are aware of certain facts.
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