What They're Saying...

"Before I was
   Introduced to
   I knew nothing
   about day trading,
   now I know enough
   to begin a lucrative
   career in trading"
- E. Richards
   Former University
  "I have been
   following Steve's
   trading system for 
   the last six months
   and am impressed
   as its constancy
   in finding trading
   opportunities.  We
   look forward to his
   alert system with
   great anticipation" 
- Norman Ebrecht
   VP, Operations

     "The Matrix Alert is,
   in my opinion, one
   of the best stock
   alert services in
   the business and
   I've tried many.
   The Matrix results
   speaks for them-
   selves and they are
   truly impressive."

   "I've paper traded
   most of Steve's June
   alerts and note
   about an 80% win
   rate.  With proper
   management of
   capital and
   disciplined stops,
   you can't lose with
   this kind of track
   - R. Falcone
   Sanford, FL

  "Talking with Steve
   is like talking to an
   old friend, even
   after just five
   minutes!  He's just
   that kind of guy.
   He's funny, smart
   and interesting and
   I never felt like he
   was trying to
   'muscle me in" or
   sell me something.
   I believe that's
   because Steve's
   really confident
   about who he is and
   what he's got to
   offer.  And that in
   itself is a winning
- Gayl Murphy
   Author of Interview

   "I want to
   communicate how
   impressed I am
   with your efforts..."

   "...You generously
   assisted me with
   instant suggestions
   which no one in the
   industry ever
   mentioned or knew
   about during futile
   3 years of my
   efforts to seek
   professional help..."

   "...I want to clearly
   emphasize my
   profound admiration.
   I have yet to meet
   in my 25 years of
   business activities,
   anyone who has
   impressed me as
   you have..."

   "...My frustrations
   are now greatly

   "...Your extensive
   combined with a
   "do it now"
   approach has
   already begin to
   save my sanity..."

   "...my deepest

   "...You instantly
   knew information
   and sources that
   no other
   in the industry..."

   "...Your knowledge
   and your
   generosity, genuine
   friendly helpful
   integrity it very
   rare indeed..."

   -  Marilyn Doheny


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Steve was recruited to manage a hedge fund for GreenRock Capital in October 2008 and subsequently discontinued his live advisory services.  Both EminiLive and ForexLive are on-hold until further announcement.

Update:  Steve is considering bringing back ForexLive.  Send him an email at and tell him he should .



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Warning! If you're looking for a way to make money fast, with little to no risk, you WON'T find it here. The stock market is a volatile place. Nothing is guaranteed. Make no mistake about it... There ARE risks! Results vary from person to person.

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You're about to join an elite group of people who have exclusive access to lightning fast, up-to-the-minute information on explosive stock picks... As well as tons of information I usually charge $195 an hour for in personal consulting.

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From The Desk of Chief Trader Steve
Written Monday, March 24, 9:06 am

Dear Friend,

Picking winning stocks is undoubtedly an art and a science. As the adage goes, "timing is everything." And most diehard day-traders would surely agree. I do to a certain extent.

But that said, however, there's a lot more to it than you think. Timing is completely meaningless when you don't have quick, solid and carefully dissected information to back it up — reliable information to help position yourself when the time is indeed right.

You see, timing is NOT everything!

Portfolio managers at major investment firms don't consult a Ouija Board or the Psychic Friends Network before they commit millions of dollars to a particular stock. Well, neither should you!

The goal of your investment strategy should be the accumulation of wealth in a short a period of time as possible. But the way to do that is to invest in the most rapidly growing companies today.

"That's easy," you say?

Don't be fooled. How many people do you know bought Cisco Systems in 1991 (a stock that rose over 95,000% in the nineties alone)? Or wouldn't it have been nice to buy Microsoft at its IPO? Had you done that, you would have experienced a 61,000% increase in its value in the first 13 years!

So, where were you when the "timing" was supposedly right?

Granted, timing depends on many things. There are NO guarantees. But you don't need to be a psychic, "lucky" or a consummate analyst with special knowledge to win the stock market game.

When you can easily access good, solid and reliable information — with all the right indicators — you're able to make more confident and potentially profitable trades! Look at it this way...

... If timing is "king" in the market, then information is the "castle!"

Why Should You Listen To Me? I Use Tricks and Tools
99.8% Of Traders DON'T Use Or Even Know About!


Matrix Money Alerts™
Chief Trader Steve

My name is Steve, the author of the Matrix Money Alert.™ And I was also featured in Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine.

As a die-hard day-trading veteran of close to 15 years, I have developed methods of locating consistent winning trades using tricks, tools and techniques that 99.8% of traders DON'T use or even know about.

The daily Matrix Money Alert™ is not just a periodic email with boring, undecipherable charts, financial lingo and intellectual drivel. It's filled with picks and news, all explained in plain English and filled solid information.

Bottom-line, you'll learn which stocks are poised to skyrocket!

You gain an almost "inside edge" when you subscribe to receive my email, hot-off-the-presses newsletter — along with a consistent stream of alerts delivered straight to your email inbox... When the timing IS right!

However, at this point you might be asking yourself, "How do I recognize 'momentum stocks' before they start their climbs?" Great question. But the answer is actually easier than you think...

... You study history!

That's right. You study the history of stocks that have risen exponentially, find the elements all of them had in common, and then look for those common traits in stocks available today.

To give you an example, some of the characteristics of winning companies are...


They have a P/E ratio of approximately 30 or more...


They have an average daily volume that exceeds 70,000 shares...


Their industry group is in the top 30% of the market...


Their market share has grown steadily over the last six months...


And many, many others.

This information is vital to make more confident trades!

Here's How It All Works (And What YOU Get)...

These are stock trading alerts for swing traders and NOT day trading stock alerts. Let's take a closer look ...

#1. The Matrix Money Alerts Are Delivered to Your
Email Box OR Instant Messenger OR Cell Phone
OR ALL THREE...Your choice!

We typically buy 2-6 stocks per week and hold for 3 days to a month. So these alerts are developed to best suit this type of trader for maximum results.

The swing trading alerts include a noon email giving a brief market summary and detailing some possible hot trades that should appear throughout the day.

I send, on average,  2 emails every trading day letting you know what trades I have taken and why. You'll know when I enter and when I exit. I then send a nightly portfolio update and market summary after the market closes.

For speedier delivery, you can also choose to receive your alerts via one of the common instant messenger platforms — such as Yahoo!, ICQ or AOL's AIM (sorry, MSN is not available at this time).

Some of these also offer SMS text messaging — e.g., with your cell phone or personal digital assistant (or "PDA"). But you'll need to look into it on your end.

Our goal is to produce the most concise alert service that delivers you the maximum amount of information in minimum time with maximum performance potential.  Why not join us today?

Why Subscribe to My Instant Alerts, You Ask?
Timing! This Is Where It REALLY Pays Off...

What makes my alerts unique? First, I don't just write about it.

As an active trader, I'm there behind my screens over 12 hours a day analyzing our next move.  Yes, I'm in the trenches, day after day for you. And I've been for years.

Why? The foundation of my trading is based on TWO truths...

  1. Unexpected good news about a publicly traded
    company will cause the stock to increase.
  2. However, you can't simply rely on this good news (or
    any other factor) to be sure the stock will STAY up.

A super-charged trading desk able to pinpoint stocks ready to explode.  You're seeing  8 monitors on a water-cooled dual Opteron system.  That's major horse power!

So, the first thing I do is get my hands on the latest and most accurate breaking news stories.

One of my sources is a data feed that's accessible 24/7 and cranks out over 400 fresh stories daily!

But the fact is, 99.8% of investors don’t even know this source exists!

I then instantly analyze what kind of an immediate affect any story is going to have on the stock price.

For example, what make a stock price go up or down? Is it...

bullet A company announcing a stock split?
bullet A company finding a cure for cancer?
bullet A company filing for bankruptcy?

... NONE of these are true!  What's true is the news in itself.

In other words, it's not the stories that change the stock price but the news of these events that do. This is painfully obvious, but most investors totally ignore this crucial distinction!

In order for you to obtain this sort of information, you must have access to several large databases. Even with these databases, you'll spend hundreds of hours researching them, going through them and deciphering the reams of qualitative information uncovered in them. Ouch!

By the time you finally "get it," the timing may no longer be right!

Without the training an expert has, you'll likely miss important opportunities. This is where timing is crucial and precisely the main benefit you gain by getting the Matrix Money Alert

"It's a Consistent System For Making Money!"

"Not a get rich quick scheme by any means, but surely a consistent system for making money as an active stock trader."

With our Matrix Money Alert Swing Trading Alerts, you'll instantly receive extremely valuable information on stocks that are on the brink of skyrocketing!

Subscribe today and leave it to me to do all the hard work for you. We've done the research and ran the numbers prior to recommending a particular stock.

Once you subscribe, you will be notified as soon as a stock is ripe for the picking. Regular updates will then follow, apprising you of the current status of these selections.

We email our comprehensive newsletter twice monthly and daily updates throughout the day
You get...

bullet Accurate stock picks as they come up...
bullet Holding time from 2 days to three months. 
bullet A realistic profit objective of 5-10+% per month, and...
bullet The choice to use them for options trading.

"OK, Steve, But What Makes Your Alerts
So Good? I Mean, Where's The Proof?"


Steve with well-known Wall Street "guru" Martin Weiss.

My Matrix Money Alert™ offers lightning-fast information that's designed with tons of research and computerized, statistical analysis using our proprietary indicators and systems.

You won't find this "insider" information anywhere else!

But don't just take my word for it. Backed by over 15 years in the trading industry, my track record is solid, impressive and speaks for itself. Here, take a quick look...

bullet 90.14% of all trades are profitable...
bullet Each trade lasts between 2 - 90 days...
bullet And 5-15 round trip trades made per month.

Here's an example of the awesome potential of my alerts.

Let's say you started on January, 2001 with a $10,000 account. Based on results achieved, today your earnings would have blossomed to a staggering $51,644 without compounding...

... And a whopping $1,699,824.48 WITH compounding!

That's well over a million dollars!

Now, will YOU make that kind of money? Will YOU become a millionaire with my alerts? I don't know. Like everything else in the stock market, there is risk and there are NO guarantees.

If you're looking for a "guaranteed service" promising you easy profits overnight, you've come to the WRONG place. It would be illegal and utterly silly of me to claim or promise such a thing.

"Thank You For Making My Friend Rich!"

"I picked up your (service) for a friend. He had told me over and over again that he knew all there was to know about trading stocks and he was doing quite well. He (Gary) cannot stop thanking me for giving him your system. Whatever it is you teach in there, it must be top notch. And thank you for humbling my friend and making him rich enough to buy me a nice fancy dinner for turning him onto your methods."
Randy Charach

That said, keep in mind that I don't pick stocks willy-nilly! I charge $195 an hour for personally coaching individual clients.

My system has taken me years to research and develop!

I continue to strive for the best performance on the Internet by adhering to strict rules that have been meticulously developed, tweaked and tested for the past 10 years!

We use a strict risk-reward ratio and selection process, and every recommendation we make is carefully selected, analyzed and dissected using our proprietary tools and methods.

PLUS, all our alerts are sent immediately as soon as they're uncovered via email or instant messaging (depending on your software, they can also be sent via cell phone or pager).

That said, and while I cannot make any guarantees...

... Here's one guarantee I CAN make...

Subscribe Before The Next Few Spots Are Filled And I'll Guarantee You A Minimum Return Each And Every Month...

How Will I Do That? Here's How it Works...

Matrix Money Alert Swing Trading 5% Monthly Return Guarantee!



Subscribe right now to my Swing Trading Matrix Money Email Alert Service and, if my alerts don't make at least a 5% return I'll give you your next month's alert subscription absolutely FREE!

I'm very confident you'll make your entire subscription investment back.

So, although you should make a lot more (but keep in mind that I can't guarantee that you will), my guarantee is simply this... If you don’t make at least 5 times your monthly subscription fee you get a refund of that's month's subscription cost PLUS your next month is absolutely FREE!

Is there a catch? Yes, there is one small condition.

You have to take every one of my trades in real-time. In other words, you can't simply take a few trades, not make the anticipated return and then want your money back. You have to make the exact trades I call. I post them in real-time on a daily recap, and the guarantee is based on them only.

"It Paid Off Handsomely!"

"Being somewhat of a cynic, I approach most money making systems with much caution. However, I ordered your system, studied and applied it to my trading account.  Spending a little time to get comfortable with chart reading has really paid off handsomely!"
John Johnson

Fair enough? In fact, I'm sure you will make many times over your subscription costs. That's why I'm extending this awesome guarantee you won't be able to find anywhere else!

NO questions asked. NO hard feelings. NO hassles!

So, you can test the waters and see the potential power of my alerts. But I want you to be 100% satisfied. So, your investment in the Matrix Money Alert™ is FREE from risk! How's that?

But ONLY of you enroll before the next few openings are filled!

I am so confident you will be successful. I want you to have the same level of confidence in my alerts as I do.  Register now!

"Alright, Steve, So How Much Does It Cost?"

If you have a serious commitment to capitalizing on the market opportunities of the future, you need the Matrix Money Alert.™ Your subscription is guaranteed to pay-off many times over!

But wait... Subscribe before all the spots are filled and I'll throw in the following FREE bonuses...

bullet FREE Bonus # 1 — Special Report
How to Trade With One of The Top Brokerages... For FREE!'

This is absolutely amazing!
I’ve found one of the top brokerages in the country, and I'll share with you who they are and how to trade for FREE with them — that's right, for FREE!

Your first 20 trades are no charge and you will never pay more then $3 for trades past 20 a month. They are a highly rated broker and with lightning quick fills!

Of course, information like this is invaluable. I personally charge $195 an hour for consulting and offering this kind of insider info. But order right now and I’ll hand it over to you, FREE!
bullet FREE Bonus # 2 — Special Report #2
Savvy Tax Secrets for Day Traders!

With all the money you're going to make, you'll certainly need a good tax plan! But quite often, the problem is the fact that most tax accountants have NO idea how to handle day-traders' taxes. Do it wrong, and you'll end up paying big time!

In this report, you'll learn all the nitty-gritty insider tips and secrets that the pros use to minimize their taxes. This $45 value is yours FREE when you order!

But remember, these bonuses are only available if you order before the next my maximum subscribers ONLY, which are filling up really fast!  Why only 200 spots? There are several reasons...

"It's a Practical System in Profitable Trading!"

"I really like your system because it contains no pipe dreams. Instead, it is a no-nonsense, practical course in profitable trading. Thanks for cutting to the chase. I will definitely recommend your system to my friends"
Luke Wallace

First, understand that my subscriber base has been growing steadily, non-stop. In fact, it has grown so much, especially in the last few weeks, that I recently increased my prices...

I did so in order to reflect the increasing subscribership, and the remarkable value and exclusivity of these alerts.

And while I may do so again very soon if this keeps up, I simply can serve thousands of people... So I'll likely put a cap on it.

If I take on too many people, my head's going to spin! Plus, I don't want to divert too much attention from my FIRST love, which is day-trading!  So you better join now before it's too late.

Doesn't it make more sense to skip all the unneeded research?

If you want to get your hands on stock picks that are proven to be successful — and could be successful for YOU! — then start winning in the markets today! Here are easy ways to order...


Matrix Money Alerts

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  • I understand that, once my order is authorized, you will process my order promptly and reserve my seat to the Matrix Money Alert Service.

  • I understand I will receive an email within 24 hours of order to arrange and verify my alert delivery method.

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Option #3:  Click here to print out an enrollment form to Mail / Fax.

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I wish you the very, very best. I look forward to seeing you "on the other side!"

Chief Trader Steve

P.S.: This is your last chance to get your hands on a systematic method for getting the best stock picks! No more guesswork or gruntwork! We do all the research for you. Once your subscription is approved, I'll email you your four FREE extra bonuses immediately!  Subscribe right now!

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But I understand you may still be skeptical. So, here's what I'll do. Subscribe before the remaining seats are gone and, if you cancel, I'll also let you keep the FREE bonuses! Look at it as my way of saying "thanks for giving us a try."  Don't force me to put you on a mile-long waiting list! 

Still Have Questions? Chat With Me NOW!

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