Click to hear Michael
in his own words.
"...found it be an incredibly good experience and more importantly, very profitable..."

"I'm a new trader and I recently joined the EminiLive room and found it to be an incredibly good experience and more importantly, very profitable.  Additionally, its extremely educational and I'm learning everyday and having the confidence to trade e-mini's, both the S&P's and Nasdaq because of his alerts and the information that he gives in his trading system.  I couldn't be more pleased and I'm going to continue to be a member and hopefully continue to learn more from Steve's very impressive system that he uses.  Thanks and continue good trading fore everyone."

Covington, IN


Click to hear Mike
in his own words.
"I am Now Finally Making a Good Profit Trading the Forex."

I was lucky enough about 9 or 10 months ago have a friend of mind tell me about Forex.  He was also in Forex Trading.  We have been to the same trading class with a very large fee for charts every month.  It was just really a tough way to trade the Forex, so we both got pretty disgruntled.  He went back to day-trading the e-minis and I was just a lost soul. 

He told me about Steve and his system.  I came aboard, I have anteed up the additional capital in my account to trade Steve's method.  It has just been a wonderful experience.  I haven't been with Steve long, but even the short period of time, they know me because every time I call, they're wonderful about answering my questions.  Sometimes they are questions that shouldn't even be asked because something was in an e-mail that I missed.  They're great people, very honest, very straight up, very dedicated to Forex trading, and I feel very comfortable using them. 

I'm now finally making a good profit in trading the Forex.
  I'll continue to trade on a mini scale for a while longer and then move to a larger account.  Once again, Steve and your group, thanks for taking care of me, thanks for accommodating me with your service and I'm sure we will be together for quite a while."

Nashville, Tennessee

Click to hear Miguel
in his own words.
"...Constantly Amazed in the Accuracy of the Tools and Techniques You Use for Producing Profitable Results."

"Just to let you know that I am really grateful I came across your ForexLiveAlerts  Your alerts gave me that confidence and a winning edge feeling. I am constantly amazed in the accuracy of the tools and techniques you use for producing profitable results.  It is also great the I can easily interact with you with the chat program. 

Its like having a personal coach
.  I will now be able to build a steady income from trading.  I look forward to progressing my trading education with you."

Melbrin, Australia


Click to hear Bruce
in his own words.
"...I'm very satisfied with the EminiLive strategies and signals that are given and I highly recommend them..."

"I've been in the EminiLive room for few weeks and have found their trading strategies to be perfect for what I like to do.  I'm a short term trader and look to get in and out of a trade within minutes...with scalps and profits that generate daily cash flow which I find their strategies to be perfect for that.  I have other funds I used for investing but for purposes of trading and generating cash flow, I'm very satisfied with the EminiLive strategies and signals that are given and I highly recommend them."

Naples, FL


Click to hear Brad
in his own words.
"I Made the Trades as You Called Them and I Made My Living.  Equal to Over 6 Figures a Year..."

I love your ForexLiveAlerts! I actually lived on it. I made my living using your alerts.  I was trying to do my own trades and as I was using yours, yours were better. 

I made the trades as you called them and I made my living.  Equal to over 6 figures a year.
  You can't beat that.  Not for the price."

Tampa, FL

Click to hear Emil
in his own words.
I Think it Is One of the Best Systems Out There...."

"I saw the ForexLIve trading signal program.  I think it is one of the best systems out there.  Actually I think it is the best, and I hope that we can collaborate again in the future"

Woodstack, Georgia


Click to hear John
in his own words.
"...EminiLive was an amazing experience!..."

"EminiLive was an amazing experience.  If you've ever wanted to experience sitting next to a day trader and watching his every move, this is the opportunity.  I highly recommend you try it

St. Catherine, Ontario


Click to hear Larry
in his own words.
"Now I Can Go to Sleep at Night and Not Worry, and My Account Size is Growing..."

"I was a student last year and dropped out late in the year - boy was that a Mistake!  I thought I knew how the Forex market worked and could do it myself.  I anguished day over day as my account kept going down.  I re-enrolled in your program this year, and boy did it make a difference in my trading. 

Now I can go to sleep at night and not worry, and my account size is growing.  You can sign me up as a student for life."

Burstore, LA


Click to hear Kirt
in his own words.
"...EminiLive room has been the most impressive thing I've ever seen in my futures trading career..."

"I must say that the EminiLive room has been the most impressive thing I've ever seen in my futures trading career.  I've been trading futures off and on with never really much success but I'm really confident with what the EminiLive room is going to do for my trading and most importantly, for my profits.  Thanks guys, keep up the good work and I look forward to making some great money."

Spokane, WA

Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results!
Testimonials herein are unsolicited and are non-representative of all clients.

Click to hear Allan
in his own words.
"I Think It's a Great Service and It's Doing Very Well for Me!"

I started using the trading service a few days ago... the signals are coming through clear and the last days have been good.  I can't get to my computer through the day, but the signals work pretty well for me even though I can't pick them up all the time. 

I think it's a great service and its doing very well for me



Click to hear Gary
in his own words.
"... Takes the Fear and Frustration of Knowing What to Look For Next and When to Exit a Trade..."

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your ForexLiveAlerts.  The accuracy of your entry points are amazing!  Even though not every alert has been profitable, the overall percentage of wins versus losses has been significant considering the size of the winning trades. 

Your service really takes the fear and frustration of knowing what to look for next and when to exit a trade.
  I really believe your service to be most professional and I look forward to using it for a long time."

Fort Worth, TX


Click to hear Malik
in his own words.
"...It is really one of the best E-Mini trading rooms that I've ever seen..."

"I have seen and tested many live trading rooms, but none like the EminiLive trading room.  What I like about this room is the precise entry and exits and the most important is the high percentage of winners.  It is really one of the best e-mini trading rooms that I have ever seen."

Saudi Arabia


Click to hear John
in his own words.
"My Account is Up Well Over 1000 Pips..."

"I have been using ForexLiveAlerts for about 3 weeks now. 
My account is up well, well over 1000 pips!  Impressed?  You bet I am."

Lewisville, TX


Click to hear Vion
in his own words.
"You Deserve all the Grateful Praises of Your Subscribers..."

"Steve, I was full of doubt, reservation as pessimistic about your system at first.  After watching the market movement everyday, and trading with you side-by-side.  To my amazement, you are what you are, and you get what you get.  

You deserve all the grateful praises of your subscribers.
  I would like to be a consistent follower and market your system here in the UK."

El Dorado Hills, California


Click to hear Mike
in his own words.
"He Does all the Work... We Get to Reap all the Benefits..."

"I have only been using Steve's service for a few weeks, but it's been just amazing.

I have made enough to pay for several years - worth of subscription.  He does all the work; we get to reap all the benefits.
  He is very good about answers questions online.  Just a great service and I am very pleased."

Huntsville, Alabama


Click to hear Brad
in his own words.
"...Most Profitable Decision I Have Ever Made..."

"I have researched several trade alert programs before I came across ForexLiveAlerts.  What interested me about ForexLiveAlerts was that there was a real person making educated buy and sell decisions for everyone to see.  He wasn't hiding in the back room somewhere. 

I feel that tapping into your knowledge will be the most profitable decision I have ever made.  Thank you for your confidence and upfront way of expressing your abilities in the way you read the Forex Market."

Wichita, Florida


Click to hear Bill
in his own words.
"Alerts Were by far Much More Prosperous..."

"I have been using Steve's alerts for the last 10 days and comparing them to a number of other alerts.  Steve, your alerts were by far much more prosperous.  You had more alerts and many more wins.  I must want to thank you for a great 10 days of trading and looking forward to many days in the future."

Dallas, Texas


Click to hear Steve
in his own words.
"I am Very Impressed..."

"I have been watching Steve's information for a little bit of time now, quite impressed with it.

Actually I have been watching his Fibonacci retracements on the Forex information, and I am just getting ready to try and find a way to open an account up to where I can have it traded.  I am very impressed with it. I think it has a lot of merit to it. I have watched Fibonacci for quite some time, so I like the way he trades. Its just a matter of getting an account open now. His business manager Mike is a very nice man and works well with me."

Franklin, North Carolina


Click to hear Husein
in his own words.
"After Signing Up... There is No Looking Back."

"I was made aware of the Forex Market through a seminar I attended through ForexMadeEasy.  I was not to keen on being dependent on the live feed which may not work.  The seed of Forex trading was planted in me.  In my process of research on ways to enter the Forex Market, I came across Steve. 

I like the idea of live trade alerts and basically the entire concept of what he mentions on his website.  After signing up, there is no looking back.  I am confident in Steve's methods and his alerts which he has so far very well provided to me.
  I wish him all the luck."

Kingston, Canada


Click to hear Peter
in his own words.
"His Alerts are Concise and Easy to Understand and My Overall Profits Are Constantly Rising."

"I first came across Steve and his ForexLive site through a referral from a stock broker who had contacted me regarding his services when I told him how I was struggling with my trading results.  He referred me on to Steve and strongly urged me to check out his site.  At first I was skeptical.  When I backtested the results, I immediately enrolled in Steve's ForexLive Service and have not looked back since. 

His alerts are concise and easy to understand and my overall profits are constantly rising!
I strongly urge anyone who is thinking of it to try ForexLive."

Toronto, Canada


Click to hear Marty
in his own words.
"50 Pip Gain on the First Trade."

"I went live with it on the first trade to test you out.  You were perfect.  I entered the trade just as you said, exited just as you said.  50 pip gain on the first trade.  You got a believer here..."

Bollings Springs, Arizona


Click to hear Jennifer
in his own words.
"...He Must be a Very Experienced Trader...."

"I just wanted to call in and say thank you for the ForexLiveAlerts.  I must say I am very impressed about your live alerts.  I have been doing Forex for about 8 months.  The first 6 months or so were paper trading, finally went live.  What I tried to capture in the beginning is just about 10 to 30 pips at a time. 

What I am impressed about Steve's alerts is that most of the pairs that he recommended had 30-50 pips or above.  The losses are minimal.  That tells me that first of all he must be a very experienced trader because it looks like he is monitoring 8 pairs of currency at a time and I am only able to do 2 at a time so I do not get confused. 

Secondly, he must have great software and tools to help him do that.  I just wanted to say thank you for having ForexLiveAlerts available to us and I'm very impressed."

Oakland, California


Click to hear Jefre
in his own words.
"...Trading Now With You for Four Weeks and Have Made Over 100 pips..."

"I think ForexLive is great. I have tried several other Forex alert systems but none have been a success.  I have been demo trading now with you for 4 weeks and have made over a 100 pips."

Auckland, New Zealand


Click to hear Tom
in his own words.
"I Was Up Over 100 Pips After the Initial 2 weeks..."

"I just got through with the trial portion of ForexLiveAlerts.  I found it to be a lot of good information.  It was very accurate and very timely.   I was learning how to trade here in the last couple months and I was using this as a tool to paper trade.  I found it to be positive. 

I was up over a 100 pips after the 2 weeks trial after doing the different trades.  I didn't do them all.  I did the ones I wanted to get into and I ended up being positive.  I am going to renew my subscription and it's a great service."

Tolleto, Ohio


Click to hear Jeff
in his own words.
"I Follow Your Alerts Everyday. It's been educational..."

"I have been a subscriber for about 5 months. Thank you for your service.  I have followed you ever since I started.  I have been on a demo account for those first 5 months.  I have followed all your discipline.  I follow your alerts everyday.  It's been educational."

Maineville, Ohio


Click to hear Don
in his own words.
"I Have Made $1296.00... I Have Not Lost Any Money"

"I started receiving the alerts April 19th, watched it through May 1st.  From May first through the June 15th, I had been paper trading and was very impressed by what happened

And from June 15th to the present this is the 7th of July, I have made $1296.00.  I have not lost any money.  So I started with $10,000.00 and I’m at $11,296.00."

Cincinnati, Ohio


Click to hear Srikanth
in his own words.
"You Are One Of The Very Few Players That Actually Delivers What You Say You Will."

"It is an excellent program!  You are one of the very few players that actually delivers what you say you will."

Toronto, Canada


Click to hear Gurpreet
in his own words.
"I Assure That You Will Never Give Up On Them Because They Are Really Good Profit Making Alerts..."

"Since I have started trading I have tried so many different programs.  I have even paid $3500.00 to get training so I can make some profits trading Forex, but I have always lost money, until I signed up for ForexLiveAlerts.  

I have already made my money back for the monthly subscription. Not only that money back, I have made more then that.  I am very happy with it.  This is the first time I have made a profit with Forex.  They are very precise, the give you exactly where to enter the market, exit the market.  They will give you the stop and give you the targets.  ForexLiveAlerts are very precise, I am very happy with them.  I assure that you will never give up on them because they are really good profit making alerts".



Click to hear Donald
in his own words.
"I Was Very Excited to Get The Email a Couple of Weeks Ago Explaining That There Were Some Changes Made..."

"I just signed up again for the alerts yesterday with today being the first day I received any alerts. I had the alerts a while back but I was not satisfied because too many of the alerts were exotics. I normally trade only the eight majors. I was very excited to get the email a couple of weeks ago explaining that there were some changes made, especially trading the eight majors. So I signed up again. 

My first day which was today trading your alerts was very good even though I cannot trade alerts until about 4:00am. It was a good day. Actually I did not enter any trades until about 6:00am this morning. I did not realize the additional alerts would be sent out other then the Market Beacon. So this new experience with the alerts as they are now, I'm going to like them a lot better then I did before."

Bristow, Virginia

Click to hear Lambert
in his own words.
"...The Results Have Really Been Positive."

"I got to say I am  really impressed with how this has worked out.  I have been doing all the trades that I could, trying to learn his system, the results have really been positive.

Plus I have seen all the trades that have come through and the results. 
It is really pretty impressive."

Cedar Park, Texas


Click to hear Sleiman
in his own words.
"I Am Amazed By The Results!"

"I just registered for the trial about a week ago and I am amazed by the results. I hope to be able to enroll for several months."

Dubai, UAE

Click to hear Terry
in his own words.
"Very Successful and Very Supportive."

"I just wanted to say I have searched for over 2 years for a mentor who really trades in the trenches and is extremely successful

My search rendered a lot of scams, hype, and black box systems that got nowhere, but I found Steve and he is really the real article!  Very successful and very supportive.  I would highly recommend him if you want to be a winning trader today."

El Dorado Hills, California

Click to hear Rebecca
in his own words.
"I Found the Service to be Excellent."

"I found the service to be excellent.

I really enjoyed it.  I was not able to take advantage of all the trades because of limited financial resources, but the trades I did enter were all profitable.  I really appreciate that."

Bronx, New York

Click to hear John
in his own words.
"This is Absolutely the Best Thing That I Have Found So Far... "

"I just want to let you know Steve you have done a wonderful job from what I have seen.   I am a seasoned futures day trader and wanted to get into some more position trading, specifically in the Forex market because of the moves that it makes during the overnight hours and during the days. 

This is absolutely the best thing that I have found so far!"

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Click to hear Charles
in his own words.
"... Seen Incredible Returns on My Portfolio."

"I would just like to thank Steve for his program. I have seen incredible returns on my small portfolio. It is nice to know that the small guy still has a chance out there.  Keep it up!"

Raleigh, North Carolina

Click to hear Nelish
in his own words.
"I Found it Really Works..."

"I have a lot of newsletters saying what alerts are given would be 100% true.  Until I cam across your newsletter.  I subscribed to it and I found it really works!  I have seen to be honestly working."

Bombay, India

Click to hear William
in his own words.
"Steve is Really Unbelievable..."

"I am really excited about ForexLive. 
I've been with another company but Steve is really unbelievable!"

Grand Cayman

Click to hear Daniel
in his own words.
"Your ForexLiveAlerts Has Made Us Believe Once Again...." "My partner and I spent the $4,000.00 for the software from the big company touting and did not make any money.  Your ForexLiveAlerts has made us believe once again."

Stafford, Virginia

Click to hear Joseph
in his own words.
"Excellent Service!"

"I have been trying your service and I can tell you I can't believe your accuracy. Some trades I looked at and in the middle I thought oh my god they are reversing, but no, they sure went up your way.  I just don't know what to Say.  Excellent Service!"


Click to hear Michael
in his own words.
"...Very Impressed with Steve’s Selection, Frequency of Trades, and the Degree of Profitability..."

"I am a full time practicing physician in Longmont, Colorado and a part-time Forex trader.  I use ForexLiveAlerts to notify me of potentially profitable trades. I am very impressed with Steve's selection, frequency of trades, and the degree of profitability that he selects over a period of time."

Dr. MichaeliShell
Longmont, Colorado

Click to hear Guru
in his own words.
"It is a Success!"

"I want to let you know that I started using ForexLiveAlerts trial.  I made a little money.  It looked good to me.  I said I was going to take a chance, which I did. Guess what?  It is a success. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try out your ForexLiveAlerts."

Toronto, Canada

Click to hear Judy
in his own words.
"...Access to The Information Has Been Very Quick And Everything Has Been Very Timely..."

"It has been great!. It is easy to follow and there have been some really good trades. 

Also, the access to information has been very quick and everything has been very timely.  It has been a great service, like I said, easy to follow."

Redwood City, California

Click to hear Eric
in his own words.
"Very Accurate... Very Up to the Minute!"

"Just want to say what a great program Steve Matrix has on his ForexLive  Very accurate, very up to the minute.  It is an awesome system!"

Margate, Florida

Click to hear Rolph
in his own words.
"The Daily Comments Are Informative and Crystal Ball Accurate..."

"Living down here in New Zealand, there is always a risk with alerts services.  You really don't know what's going to be delivered to you.  I have been tracking your alerts for nearly six months now.   I qualified results in Demo mode and then made a no brainer decision to commit my undervalued dollars to start trading your alerts live. 

Today, I am really totally sold in your value of ForexLiveAlert service.  I know no other service that delivers alerts to my desktop, Yahoo IM and cell phones that arrive in real time to place the trade before the movement occurs.  I can be anywhere doing anything, out mowing the lawns, trimming the hedges.  As long as my wireless laptop is handy, I can get a trade placed.  I have to say the Daily Market Beacon is the icing on the cake for me.  The spread of trading option with the pairs, the entry's, exits and stops, it is easy to follow for a novice like me. 

The daily comments are informative and crystal ball accurate.

New Zealand

Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results!
Testimonials herein are unsolicited and are non-representative of all clients.
Click to hear Chuck
in his own words.
"...there is advance notice on the trades..."

"I have tried the EminiLive room and found it very interesting. I did find the signals to be relatively clear, they communicate them clearly and unlike a lot of other service where it's difficult to get in at the same prices AND exit at the same prices that the services have because of the lag in time. This [EminiLive] was not the case with your room. There is advance notice on the trades. It's relatively easy to match the entry and exit prices you suggest."

Lubbock, Texas

Click to hear Gary
in his own words.
"... I've been real pleased with the EminiLive room ..."

"I've been real pleased with the [EminiLive] trial I've had on the software and EminiLive room.  I've traded the e-mini's for quite some while and I'm always looking for something to add to my trading experience and arsenal of things to use everyday.  I found the Fibonacci Cluster Locator software to be pretty dog-gone good!  And, I was extremely skeptical when I first looked into it, but I've been real pleased!  I appreciate the opportunity and I think it probably be something I'll be using for quite some while"

Lubbock, Texas

Click to hear Eric
in his own words.
"...best I've ever seen..."

"EminiLive is the best live trading room I've every seen!"

Toronto, Canada

Click to hear Richard
in his own words.
"... I was very much impressed with the methodology ..."

"I've been a student of the markets for 10+ years.  I was very much impressed with the day trading demo [EminiLive] that I got.  Unfortunately, we had a family tragedy and only got to see a few days of it before I had to leave town.  I was kind of concern that we were only going for .75 [pts] on the e-mini S&P, but there are quite a few systems that do that and sometimes that scalping doesn't turn out as well as I'd like to because of poor fills in or out of the trade.  So, we had a lot of cancel/replaces and seemed like the stress was a little high which is concurrent with day trading of course.  I was very much impressed with the methodology and I think its a shame we couldn't go for three point stop loss and six point winners or something like that, but I know that's not the way the system is set up.  Anyway, I appreciate it and I appreciate the way you people do business and I thank you for the opportunity."

Santa Teresa, New Mexico

Trader "In the last 4 days I made +$94, +$376, +$23 +$736, +$500, +$170, -$50, +$71..."

"I sure look forward to getting your daily signals. I have been trading 14 years and for the first time ever I am making a profit in the Forex market.

The methodology you use is really Awesome!
  It seems that your system keeps up with the ever-changing market with no problem. 

In my experience, I have never seen anything this easy.   Everyone could benefit from your signals. 

It feels like taking candy from a baby. In the last 4 days I made +$94, +$376, +$23 +$736, +$500, +$170, -$50, +$71 and I'm still in the signal you gave us this morning, I'm way up in the money with only one loss.  Thanks Buddy, and keep up the good work !"

Orlando, Florida

Trader "You Are So Accurate That it is Scary."

"You are so accurate that it is scary!"

Harvey, Illinois

Trader "A 40% Return On Investment!! Outstanding!! Awesome!!"

"I just wanted to write you a note and thank you so much for all your help and expertise.   

What an INCREDIBLE first week!  On a relatively small account of $10,000 I had a profit of $4,081.38.  A 40 %  return on investment !!! Outstanding !!!Awesome !!! 

I've been trading equities, options and futures for the past six years and none of these venues have ever given me returns like this in this kind of time frame.  Especially as a newbie.  As a matter of fact, the last several years have been so brutal in those other markets for me that I had recently thought of giving up my trading altogether.  In a way, you were my last resort. 

From what I have seen this past month with your system, I am now extremely encouraged.  Steve, thanks for helping me to get excited about my trading again."

Waxhaw, NC

Trader "Your System Seems To Be The Key For Success in the Forex Market..."

"Since a few days I am following your results and am really surprised about the fantastic increase of my account. More than 10% in only two days, that's great!

I have never seen such a performance before.  Your system seems to be the key for success  in the forex market


Trader "I Have Seen You Trade The Forex With Fantastic Results."

"In these last few weeks I have seen you trade the forex with fantastic results. I am extremely impressed and have every intention taking advantage of your skills through ForexLive and your online seminars. I hope to be trading full time sometime in the near future and look forward to trading and learning with you."

Owatonna , Minnesota

Trader "Steve's Program Continues to Amaze Me Everyday..."

"Steve's program continues to amaze me everyday.  The CHF trade this morning was wonderful. I made 66 pips. Add this to the 293 already this month and I am way beyond expectations.  My commitment is now Steve's program and that's all, I don't need anything else to meet all my goals in trading.

I have been at this game for 5 years and never had such phenomenal results.

I would recommend Steve's program to any serious trader.

Again a BIG THANK YOU for all the terrific support."

Fontana, California

Trader "I Invested $15,000 and almost doubled it within one month."

"Thanks for your live alerts and for the software.  I invested 15 thousand dollars and almost doubled it with in one month."


Trader "You Do Not Only Help Me Score PIP’s, But I am Also Learning the Forex Jargon... and New Trading Techniques You Use"

"I have been receiving the forex alerts, and have find them great. You do not only help me score pip's, but I am also learning the forex jargon, and new trading techniques you use"

San Diego, California

Trader "You Have Truly Been a Blessing in Our Lives..."

"You have truly been a blessing in our lives, this service that you provide can only be described in one way... it has turned out to be the financial miracle from God that we have been praying for... it has truly blessed us far beyond what we though was possible.

We have researched many options on the internet concerning the forex industry and yours was the one that captured our attention. Being new to forex trading for a little more than we have profited a little more than $6,000.00 in one week in our demo account. I know it's only a demo account but the markets and your trade recommendations are real, I also know that we have made several beginner mistakes placing your trades where we lost some pips. We are so excited about our gains and we DO except some loosing trades along the way at some point of time.

We know that sometime in the near future we will be able to live the lifestyle that we have always dreamed about
... and we have you to thank."

Kanard & CrystaliHarrison
Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Trader "I Have Never Had So Much Fun Trading Like I Have Had With You!"

"I have never had so much fun trading like I’ve had with you!"

Descanso, California

Trader "I Have Never Seen The Kind of Results Your System Delivers..."

"I have been trading futures for the past 7 years and trading Forex for 2 years. I have never seen the kind of results your system delivers." 
If they handed out a little Fibonacci statue at the Academy Awards,
you would receive Best Trader"


Trader "It Was Truly Amazing to See How Wrong I Would Have Actually Traded..."

"I would like to say that this has been an eye-opening 10 day trial. I followed along and checked my charts on almost all of the trades. It was truly amazing to see how wrong I would have actually traded. Sometimes I would see a nice short and you would issue an alert going long. I did not quite understand, but I paper traded you alerts to a "T".

I have had a very profitable week

Littleton, Colorado

Trader "100% Success And 20% Up On My Account - In Just One Week."

"My first week of trading your recommendations and what a week!!!!
100% success and 20% up on my account - in just one week

Fantastic stuff,well done and many many thanks.  I hope you're not planning to retire before I do."


Trader "Account Started With $25,000 Around 30 Days Ago... The Balance is Now $51,000"

"Wow, what a 4 weeks! - I have taken close to nearly every trade you recommended in my demo account in the beginning trading two contracts and taking 1/2 off in (fear & greed) profit of about 50 pips or so...I stopped doing that very quickly once I started seeing the trades unfold ... wow.. Incredible!!  

My account started with $25,000 around 30 days ago - the balance is now $51,000 - it would be more if I did not do the 1/2 off in the first two weeks.  I was emotionally destroyed by the market as well not anymore thanks to you. 

Thanks for the great service and great trades...lifetime member now!"

Dalyesford, Australia

Trader " It Looks Like My Position Trading “Ship” Has Docked "

"Over the past 10 days you've shown me some pretty exciting trades in the Forex market that I'm looking forward to taking live next week.  It looks like my position trading "ship" has docked!"

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Trader "I Am Confident That This is One of the More Sound Business Investment Decisions I Have Made In My Life."

"I am confident that this is one of the more sound business investment decisions I have made in my life.  Sometimes you have to trust your instincts and this is one of those times."

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The signal alerts generated by Day-Traders.com are based on historical formulas which have worked in the past.  However, what has happened before may or may not happen again.  You can lose all your money trading futures and options and you must decide your own suitability as to whether or not to trade.  Result vary from person to person and will most likely differ from those testimonials above.  NFA rule 2-29 requires that 1) Statements made in promotional material be factually true,  2) Statements concerning the possibility of profit are balanced by equally prominent statements of the risk of loss,  3) Statements regarding actual past trading profits mention that past results are not necessarily indicative of future results, and 4) Statements of opinion are identified as such.  The rule prohibits the use of any promotional material that  1) Is likely to deceive or mislead the reader, 2) Uses or is part of a high-pressure sales approach, 3) Omits any fact that might make the material misleading or deceptive, or 4) States that futures trading is appropriate to everyone. The FTC wants you to know that DAY TRADING involves high risks and YOU can LOSE a lot of money.  The testimonials above and throughout this website may not be representative of results achieved by the average student.  Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on our website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Day trading is considered a high risk speculative trading strategy.  Only risk capital should be used and the rigid observation of a system for loss control is strongly recommended.  Additionally, the use of margin may dramatically increase the risks associated with trading.